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at The Wick Lab
3 ways to support your organization or cause


option 1

With the help of a Head Chandler, curate up to 3 custom candle fragrances and select the containers for each fragrance. Then simply collect orders and payment. You sell the orders at retail; we fill the orders for you at wholesale. The difference is the profit for your organization!


option 2

With the help of a Head Chandler, create a personalized fragrance (or a few!). Privatize your chosen container(s) with your own label or logo. You purchase at wholesale, to then sell at retail. The difference is the profits for your organization. Minimum order required.


option 3

Choose a day, and 20% of the sales from that day will go to your organization or cause. Invite friends, family, co-workers and fans to visit The Wick Lab on that day to pour or purchase items from our boutique. Feel free to book a party (or a few!) on the day of your event to increase your sales (6 person minimum). Ultimately, the more people you bring in, the more money you raise! Be sure to tell people to mention the name of your group or fundraiser at check out so we can give credit where it is due and add their sale to the total. We host in-store fundraisers Monday-Thursday all year.

Want to book a fundraiser?

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