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At The Wick Lab, we have a fierce belief in supporting local artists and value the enrichment they bring to their communities. We offer opportunities to local artists and makers to share their passion with the community, and get paid while doing it.



Are you a local artist or maker with a skill you'd like to share with others (and make some money while you're at it)? We value the power of community enrichment at The Wick Lab; we offer our workshop space as a place to support local artists & craftsmen alike, as well encourage creativity in the community. If you're interested in teaching a workshop or would like to learn more click the link below!


Increase your brand exposure by selling your items in our boutique! We always prioritize local artists and want to help your brand succeed, no matter how small! Click the link below to apply.


Every quarter, we work with local artists to design Limited Edition containers for costumers to choose from as an option to pour their candles in. This small batch approach (about 50-75) makes it feasible for local artists to accomplish. A payout at the end of the Edition means its feasible for TWL (also a small, family run business) to provide this opportunity to artists without huge up front costs for custom work. If you have a skill that lends itself to making unique quality candle containers, we want to talk to you!


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