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at The Wick Lab
What to Expect

The Wick Lab Experience: Welcome


Get Sniffin'

Explore our fragrance wall! Feel free to take a candle from our fragrance wall and give it a whiff! Jot down your favorite scents on the clipboard provided.


Pick A Container

Select a container for your future candle; then head to the bar. Our chandlers (candle makers) will help you create your candle from beginning to end!



It's time to get creative! Our chandlers will work with you to find your perfect blend of fragrance oils. You can choose up to 3 fragrances you wrote down on your clipboard.


Set + Drip

Wick it Good! Set your wick, then drip your oils. You get to choose the ratio between each fragrance oil - making your creation truly one-of-a-kind!


Stir + Pour

Combine your blended oils with your 100% soy wax and stir it up! Pour your wax and oils into your container.



We've left the label blank for you to decorate/name as you wish!


Set + Pick Up

We need to keep your candle(s) the setting process. For best results, we strongly encourage pick up on another day (view our opening hours here.) - but will work with you if you must pick up same day. Learn more about our same day pick up here. Can't swing a pick up? We offer flat rate shipping for up to 4 candles for $12.


Get Lit

Once you have waited the recommended cure time it's time to get lit and enjoy your custom candle - made by you!

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